We are one of the leading suppliers of wooden packing materials in Central India.
We can supply both imported pine wood and Indian hardwood. We supply wooden packing material to many industries throughout India. Our product portfolio includes the following:
Wooden Pallets
We can supply two way stringer and four way block type pallets. Our pallets are designed with careful consideration on static and dynamic load over the pallet. Our pallets are made using pneumatic nailings and high quality wood. We can also supply standard pallets like EURO pallets, CP pallets and also Heat Treated pallets. Our pallets are supplied t many beverage, food, pharma, textile and paper industries.
Wooden Boxes
We supply wooden boxes to many engineering industries to pack their components. These boxes are made with strong wood to support the weight the heavy weight of engineering components.
Plywood Boxes
We supply plywood boxes used by many industries to export their goods. These boxes are made with marine grade of plywood which can withstand high amount of moisture.
Wooden Crates
We supply crates and palletized crates to pack goods that are to be directly exported. These crates are designed with utmost importance upon the dynamics of the load that will be placed on these crates
Wooden Sleepers
We supply wooden sleepers to many mining agencies in India. These sleepers are predominantly used to prevent the mines from caving in.
Wooden Cable Drums
We supply wooden cable drums of different sizes. We are able to supply drums for thin wires as well as large cables. These drums are reinforced with iron tubes inside and this prevents them from collapsing under the weight of the cable thus protecting your materials.
Sawn Wood
We supply sawn timber of cut sizes. We can cater to the sizes upto 25 ft in length. The sawn timber can be supplied as per the customer’s specifications. We can supply all kinds of Indian hardwood and softwood as well as imported pine wood.
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